How do I use Photo Editing Services

Create a free account or log in: Just enter in your Email address and set new password to create a FREE account or Login using your existing email address and password. Sign Up Now As a New User! or Log In If Already a Member
Uploading your Photos & Make Payment as PAY-AS-YOU-GO: 3 Step Process - First, Simply Browse & upload a Single or Multiple Photos from your computer.

Secondly, Choose Corrections from pool of options alongwith description note , press Add to Cart for each image and just press Continue to Shopping Cart.

Third Now you are automatically directed to Your Shopping Cart page ,Now review total amount or if you like, can remove any photo from shopping cart, when done, Click on Pay Button,that will take you to PayPal website to make secure payment,once done click on return to website from PayPal page and now you will see Successful Order Notification.Moreover go to Order History menu to check your payment details and status of your fixed Photos.You will receive your fixed photos within 20 hours of time.
Review and Download: At FotoEnchnater, we guarantee your satisfaction! You will receive an email within 20 hours containing notification of your fixed photos, You can download images from email containing link to download your fixed images , Approve or Disapprove Photos by sending us email at Once approved, you can download the finished photos immediately form Email containing link to download your Fixed Photos . If you are not completely satisfied, we will fix it until you are!
Bulk Photos Order : If you have Large Volume of Photos per Day/Month starting from 30 or more photos.Then Bulk Photos Order is recommended for you. No need to sign up or register or dont follow above steps .Just 2 steps process

1st Step - First, Visit Bulk Order page, fill in a simple form containing information about your Name,Email, total photos you want to edit, services for each photos,specify specific description for each photos alongwith its name and when you are done,just press order button.

2nd Step - Upload your photos through wetransfer (its free and no sign up needed) ,just type your email you mentioned in order form ,description for each photos in message area and send it to our email: and we will do the rest.
Free Unlimited revisions untill you are completely satisfied. Approve or Disapprove Photos by sending us email at
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