Bulk Photos Order Request Form

General infromation

Specify Amount of Photos for Each Service

for example : if you have total 40 photos for bulk order,then split total amount of photos for each service.
Let's say you want Basic Retouching for 20 photos ,15 photos for HIGH-END Retouching and 5 photos for Creative Illustration.
Then in above case,type number 20 in Basic Retouching , 15 in HIGH-END Retouching and 5 in Creative Illustration.However, if you only need 1 service or not all 3 services then type 40 in any service and leave other 2 services blank


Specify Corrections for each Photo

Mention Photo Name alongwith its specific Corrections Here for each image


Upload Your Photos

Upload Your Photos through (It's Free & No signup required) to send your photos (Mention your same Name and Email you mentioned in order form and also write service like Basic or High-End Retouching or Creative with more description in a Message area for each image )and send this to: and we will manually review your attached photos and services with descriptions, then send you email invoice of payment for these photos.We will send you email notification of fixed Photos once we receive your payment.
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