Children & Baby Photo Retouching

Congratulations on finding the right place to help you keep your children and babies memories forever!

Either you are collecting best photos of your baby to prepare photo album for your child’s birthday, to show his/her ever lasting memories on digital projector on his birthday or a new baby is born, there is not a camera left untouched in the house to capture the momentous occasion! But what if the surroundings or the baby grow is a little less desirable than you’d like but you have the cutest shot of the newborn all smiles and eyes open?! Well worry no more as enhancing everything from editing out the baby sick to changing the hospital background is a piece of cake for us at Foto Enchanter!

At fotoEnchanter we understand your unforgettable emotions and for that we provide you with special editing for less! We provide with new born baby portraits, baby photo retouching services, child photo editing services and a dozen of other picture editing services.

And as for teenagers who are so visually orientated in this day and age.

Our highly-skilled photo enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Remove red eye.
  2. Correct color.
  3. Even skin tone.
  4. Hide or correct blemishes, crooked or missing teeth and stray hair.
  5. Remove clothing stains or wrinkles.
  6. Add text or enlarge photos.
  7. Baby Portrait in studio background
  8. Baby Portrait in white background
  9. Place your baby or child wherever you want in a new background
  10. Lighten overly dark photos and enhance contrast.

Every parent and grandparent wants to be able to show off how beautiful and unique a child is in a good photo.

"Let FotoEnchanter Let Foto Enchanter help you make your photos as memorable as the moment you capture."

This Baby and children’service can also be found in our Basic Retoucing and High-End Retouching Services.

Try out our creative illustration services if you want your photos in digitally creative fun.

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