Animals and Pets Photo Retouching

We all know a pet lover who treats their animals or pets like their baby and at the very least, most pets are very special members of the family. And so it’s of no real surprise that many animal lovers take photos reminding them of lots of happy memories with their beloved pets both at home or out and about.

But just like children, they can even be camera shy, animals can be unpredictable in nature and not always happy to pose happily for just the right moment when the photo is taken! So Foto Enchanter are more than able to transform that treasured moment into a lasting perfect photo .

Our highly-skilled enhancement artists can digitally:

  1. Remove red eye.
  2. Correct color and adjust lighting.
  3. Adjusting the exposure of  images.
  4. Remove background distractions.
  5. Crop and resize images to improve detail and composition.
  6. Remove stains around eyes (common in dogs with white fur).
  7. Isolate the pet and move to another background.
  8. Add text on photo.
  9. Image Sharpening.
  10. and a lot more.


"We serve Professional Pets & Animals photo edting services for everyone at not just cheapest prices but also fastest at delivering services"
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This Animals and Pets’ services can also be found in our High-end Retouching Services. .

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